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EmployAbility Dublin North Jobseeker Eligibility

Jobseeker Eligibility.

Who Is Eligible?


EmployAbility Dublin North supporting people to succeed in long-term and sustainable employment.

Aged Between 18 - 66 yrs 

EmployAbility Service Dublin North with jobseekers between the ages of 18 and 66 years who are out of work due to a long term medical condition, illness, injury, mental illness or disability.

Have a Recognised Disability

You do not have to be on a disability payment or in receipt of any social welfare payment to access our service.

You may be required to have a medical form completed by a GP in order to access support grants.

Be Job Ready

Jobseekers are required to be ‘’Job Ready’’ This is defined as having the necessary training, education, motivation, transport and ability to pursue work in the open labour market.

Available For Meetings

Jobseekers must be available to attend regular meetings with a job coach. 

8+ Work Hours

Jobseekers must be willing and able to work a minimum of 8 hours per week, and be able to progress to independent employment.

Referral to the Service

 Referrals to the Service must be made through a Local Intreo Office.

Arrange a meeting with us.

Whether you are a Job Seeker or an Employer we are happy to help you.

Our aim is to source sustainable employment for people with a long term illness, injury or disability and support them into that employment.  We provide information and support to both jobseekers and local employers to promote inclusion & diversity in the workplace.

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