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Work Matters event in Ballymun Library

Tuesday 24th May at 1.15pm

Title : 'Job search strategies: how to use online job websites for job hunting’

In this presentation Ilaria Dondero will go through job search websites showing how to look for (and find) jobs you are interested in, and what to do next. Online job searches can be confusing and at times feel like a hit-and-miss process: together we’ll go through a step-by-step approach to successfully navigate through the online job search.

Ilaria specialises in Business Communications and Professional Development strategies. She has over 15 years of experience working in multicultural environments and during the past 8 years she’s been offering career coaching services across a variety of industries, in Ireland and abroad.

Her approach is structured and action-focused to build the competence and the confidence to influence diverse audiences through consistency and credibility. Ilaria uses Emotional Intelligence concepts to support improved self-awareness and effective business communications across different channels. Her professional qualifications include Master’s Degree in Law (University of Studies of Genoa); Higher Diploma in Business (DBS); Certified Master Coach Practitioner (PSG); Qualified Trainer (IITD); iSpeak Instructor (iSpeak).

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