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Retail Open for Business & Recruitment

After a two-year hiatus, retail is back and it's beginning to boom again - and this means jobs galore!

For anyone interested in a retail career this is the perfect time to get yourself out there. Jobs are being offered in every shopping centre and high street in the country, whether you want to explore the world of high-end high-street fashion, or prefer to keep it real with a job in the health food sector.

All you need is a reasonably up-to-date CV nd a positive attitude and you could be starting your new job before the week is out.

Take ten copies of your CV for a walk to your nearest retail centre and simply apply to the places that have a sign in the window saying 'Staff Wanted!'

All the pictures here were taken in a half hour on a single floor of the Pavilions Shopping Centre in Swords.

The same situation is being seen in the Omni Park in Santry, and on the main shopping streets in the city centre.

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