Marketing & Content Creation Assistant

The Work Placement Experience Programme (WPEP) is a 6-month, 30 hour per week voluntary work experience programme. The programme is for jobseekers that are currently getting a qualifying social welfare payment and who have been unemployed for six months (156 days) or more.

The weekly rate of payment is €311.

Job Description

We are offering a work experience placement as Marketing and Content Creation Assistant in our company. The participant will gain practical experience in: - developing creative marketing solutions for our clients, - building up effective research skills. You will gain the skills necessary to ensure projects are delivered from start to finish, while working with the best internal and third-party partners. This is a training and work experience opportunity; no prior experience is necessary. You will learn how to create digital content for impactful advertising campaigns, to work on your own initiative, prioritize tasks, and communicate with your team and client. You will play a part in teams across our business and we will encourage you to bring outside-the-box and strategic thinking, determination, and creativity to every aspect of your work.

Role Description

This is a training and work experience opportunity; no prior experience in this role is necessary. Accredited and/or sector recognised training will be provided to support your placement. Participants are eligible to participate in the WPEP QQI Work Experience Module which was developed by the Education and Training Boards in collaboration with the Department of Social Protection. This optional module will fulfil your accredited training requirements for the WPEP. The participant will receive formal/informal training and mentoring in the following: - Story Telling - Design Thinking - Talent Management - Stakeholder Management - Powerpoint presentations - Creative Digital Content

To apply for this job, follow the instructions in the original posting at:

If you need assistance with the application please contact your Job Coach