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Clerical Officer - Residential Tenancies Board

For full job description and details on how to apply:

The RTB invites applications for the position of Clerical Officer. There are 6 immediate vacancies which the RTB wishes to fill. Vacancies are on a permanent basis, subject to the satisfactory completion of the specified probationary period. Competition for these vacancies is open to external and internal applicants.

The RTB will, following the competition process, form a panel for the post of Clerical Officer from which existing and future vacancies may be filled. This panel will comprise of all successful applicants in order of merit and may include both internal and external applicants.

The RTB may in the future offer positions to applicants from this panel should a relevant vacancy arise in the 12 month period from the date on which the panel was established.

The RTB reserves the right not to use this panel to fill a Clerical Officer role if it considers that the relevant post requires specific skills.

Closing date:

19/05/2022 17:00

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