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Boom in aviation career as passenger numbers rise again in all sectors

The global economic impact of the pandemic been substantial but not as deep as first feared. In fact, most global economic activity has returned, or is close to, pre-pandemic levels in many countries around the world, with some even performing above pre-pandemic levels. The prompt and extensive financial support for companies and individuals, as well as the rapid development and rollout of vaccines, has protected the world from falling into a deep global recession. Economic growth (measured in GDP) from the middle of 2020 exceeded all expectations. The recovery is well under way.

As a result - and you will have seen the headlines about staff shortages at Dublin and other Irish airports - there is a need to recruit staff, and quickly. The website is currently listing almost 400 positions in and around the aviation industry. Whether you're a pilot, steward, barman or simply fancy the idea of working in airport retail, log in and see if there's anything there that suits your skill set.

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