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Asperger's Campaign Continues

A recent client of the Employability service, Simon Brennan

, has been offered a position with the Civil Service. While he was an EmployAbility client, Simon demonstrated a huge level of determined motivation to both find a job for himself and to raise public awareness of the challenges faced by people dealing with life on the autistic spectrum. This is how he fared in his campaign.

“I would like to state from the outset that I do have Asperger’s Syndrome. The major affect this has on my everyday work and social activities is that I do tend to be a little more methodical in my actions. Thus far this has not proved to be an obstacle in any way in terms of performing work-related tasks, and I do not envisage it doing so in the future. I am quick in picking up new processes and systems and do enjoy working with other people.

“In recent months I have been undertaking a media campaign to try and inform and enlighten the general public about what Asperger’s Syndrome means, and how people that have the syndrome are as broadly individual and independent as any other group of people in Irish (or any other) society. In the course of this campaign I have been a guest on RTE’s Joe Duffy Show and a guest speaker on Dublin City FM. In addition, I have been a guest speaker at a variety of high-profile events hosted by such luminaries as TDs Duncan Smith, Corina Johnston, Sean Ryan, and Rob O’Donoghue. This campaign continues.”

We at EmployAbility will continue to support Simon to the best of our ability while he starts work in his new position, and in the continuation of his campaign for autism awareness.

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