Administrative Assistant-Food Reformulation Taskforce

Updated: Jan 20

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is a statutory, independent and science-based national agency, dedicated to protecting consumers’ health and interests by leading a collaborative food safety community to continuously raise food standards and create a culture of compliance.


This administrative assistant role will span a range of duties to support the establishment and functioning of the Food Reformulation Task Force. The job holder will be required to provide a high level of administrative support, work under pressure, work on their own initiative, undertake multiple tasks and relate to a diverse range of people while maintaining a high level of performance and confidentiality. On many occasions the appointee will be the primary contact for the FSAI with range of people. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES

The main duties of the Administrative Assistant are as follows:

• Diary and email management for senior team members.

• Timely follow up on correspondence including prioritisation of urgent requests, drafting responses and dealing with and responding to correspondence within stated timeframes.

• Arranging / scheduling meetings and minute taking.

• Creating and preparing Power Point presentations and graphics.

• Preparation and/or collation of data - maintaining excel spread sheets and other databases.

• Maintaining an efficient filing and records system to the high standard required. Managing a computerised file management system (SharePoint).

• Co-ordinating the content and design of the annual report.

• Co-ordinate and support the annual workshop with national and international participants.

• Data entry to support sampling and analysis programmes.

• Complying with FSAI policies and procedures and working to quality management systems in order to support core FSAI functions, e.g. Freedom of Information, Data Protection, Health & Safety etc.

• Provide cover for reception if / as required.

• Other such duties as required.


• A leaving certificate, or equivalent

• Relevant administrative experience

• A high level of computer proficiency including strong knowledge of excel. The standard business software in the FSAI is Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft Office 365.

• An ability to maintain high levels of confidentiality


• Team work

• Shows respect for colleagues and co-workers

• Develops and maintains good working relationships with others, sharing information and knowledge, as appropriate

• Offers own ideas and perspectives

• Understands own role in the team, making every effort to play his/her part

Information Management / Processing

• Approaches and delivers all work in a thorough and organised manner

• Follows procedures and protocols, understanding their value and the rationale behind them

• Keeps high quality records that are easy for others to understand

• Draws appropriate conclusions from information

• Suggests new ways of doing things better and more efficiently

• Is comfortable working with different types of information, e.g. written, numerical, charts, and carries out calculations such as arithmetic, percentages etc.

Delivery of Results

• Takes responsibility for work and sees it through to the appropriate next level

• Completes work in a timely manner

• Adapts quickly to new ways of doing things

• Checks all work thoroughly to ensure it is completed to a high standard and learns from mistakes

• Writes with correct grammar and spelling and draws reasonable conclusions from written instructions

• Identifies and appreciates the urgency and importance of different tasks

• Demonstrates initiative and flexibility in ensuring work is delivered

• Is self reliant and uses judgment on when to ask manager or colleagues for guidance

Customer Service & Communication Skills

• Actively listens to others and tries to understand their perspectives/ requirements/ needs

• Understands the steps or processes that customers must go through and can clearly explain these

• Is respectful, courteous and professional, remaining composed, even in challenging circumstances

• Can be firm when necessary and communicate with confidence and authority

• Communicates clearly and fluently when speaking and in writing

Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development

• Develops and maintains the skills and expertise required to perform in the role effectively, e.g. relevant technologies, IT systems, spreadsheets, Microsoft Office, relevant policies etc.

• Clearly understands the role, objectives and targets and how they fit into the work of the unit

• Is committed to self development and continuously seeks to improve personal performance

Drive & Commitment to Public Service Values

• Consistently strives to perform at a high level and deliver a quality service

• Serves the Government and people of Ireland

• Is thorough and conscientious, even if work is routine

• Is enthusiastic and resilient, persevering in the face of challenges and setbacks

• Is personally honest and trustworthy

• At all times, acts with integrity

A probationary period of 12 months applies to this position.

Pay As per the current Government pay policy, the starting pay for this position will be at the minimum point of the payscale for the position (first point on scale). The salary scale for this position is as follows:

€24,764 - €26,490 - €27,341 -€28,223 -€29,480 - €30,739 - €31,999 -€32,914 - €33,960 -€34,835 - €36,031 - €37,225 - €38,421 - €39,572

Please note the rate of remuneration may be adjusted from time to time in line with Government pay policy.

How to Apply

An application should be made by submitting your Curriculum Vitae with a comprehensive covering letter, in PDF format, outlining your suitability against the requirements of the position. The application can be made at

Closing Date

The completed application must be submitted no later than: Monday, 24th January 2022

If you need assistance with the application please contact your Job Coach