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A New Aim for You in Twenty Two!

It has been a long couple of years. This year, even more than last year, we’re hoping to get back to some form of ‘Normality’!

But we may never see a return to old ideas of ‘normal’. There are new ways of working that may have changed the face of employment forever. These range from new social distancing rules to working remotely, and virtual office spaces. Many of us will need help in navigating a way through this new wave of employment and social practices.

If you have a Disability or have struggled with mental health issues in the past but are now seeking to establish a new future for yourself in this strange new world, EmployAbility might be able to help.

For over 20 years now, EmployAbility has been helping people to identify new ways to utilise their inner talents, develop new skills, and build up their optimism and faith in the idea that there is a whole new world of work out there for them to explore and enjoy.

EmployAbility provides essential support to individuals who need extra help in getting back on the road to employment. Teams of Job Coaches working in EmployAbility offices across Ireland, and not least in the Ballymun offices of EmployAbility Dublin North are working hard to get employers to tap into the massive resources available to those willing to give a chance to people with disabilities in Ireland and make their workplaces more inclusive.

If you are interested in linking in with the EmployAbility service and taking advantage of the specialist help provided via this organization, get in touch today and start New Year 2022 with a new hope.

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